The Future of Sustainability on the Road


In the future, it’s likely that the gasoline-powered vehicle will be talked about entirely in the past tense, with most people speaking of a time when it simply wasn’t practical for everyone to drive an electric model as their primary means of transportation. People will be relieved when they hear these stories, glad that sustainable driving has become far more mainstream and affordable for the masses. So, what does the future have in store for sustainable life on the road?

Electric Charging Stations Will Become the New Gas Stations

In a move that is already being seen in major cities around the world, plug-in stations for vehicles are becoming the new “gas stations.” The difference, of course, is that electric charging stations are small enough to sit alongside the sidewalk, blending in with parking meters and street lamps.

Highway charging stations will¬†sprout up¬†throughout the world, allowing long-distance travelers to get a quick recharge that will extend their car’s range much like a typical refueling today.

Prices Will Come Down on EV Solutions

Electric vehicles will be subject to economies of scale, reducing in price as they increase in market penetration. At the same time, increased technological developments will make range longer, and therefore the purchase of these vehicles will become easier for those who take longer trips and wish to avoid sacrificing those trips based on EV range.

Hackers Will Have a Say in the Matter

BMW has made waves in the automotive industry by encouraging so-called “hackers” to create a sustainable car for the future. The company collected the foremost tech minds in the industry and gave them a single task: Create the world’s most sustainable, energy independent luxury vehicle. With this kind of crowd-sourced approach, it won’t be long before the EV goes mainstream.

An Exciting Time to Be Driving an EV

With the future belonging firmly to renewable energy and sustainable motor vehicles, this is a particularly exciting time to be participating in what may someday be termed a revolution in personal transportation. The future is bright for sustainability and better driving technologies, and it will be exciting to watch it all unfold.