A Look at Today’s Cutting-Edge Electronic Vehicles

After years of promises and even more delays, electric vehicles seem finally poised to hit the mainstream and transform the way that driving is done on a grand scale. From major American manufacturers like Chevrolet and Ford to startups like Tesla, the time of the electric vehicle has arrived and the options are as exciting as they are efficient. Drivers in the market for an electric vehicle have a number of really great options for the first time since mass production of these models first began.

The Chevrolet Volt

Chevy’s Volt is perhaps the quintessential electric vehicle in today’s climate, pairing a plug-in engine with a small gas tank that can be used when the electric range has been exceeded. The Volt was the first mainstream American electric car to market, with Chevrolet offering friendly lease and purchase terms on the model. Though slightly higher priced than the carmaker’s gas-guzzling models, the Volt is easily the most approachable and usable model on the market.

The Tesla Model S

While the Chevrolet Volt excels in bringing the Chevy aesthetic and branding marks to electric operation, the Tesla Model S brings stunning design and all-electric operation to consumers around the world in an all-new way. Tesla itself is a startup, representing one of the newest major automakers to go mainstream around the world. The company’s Model S is a full-sized sedan with a sleek, curving design that gets several hundred miles of range on a single charge. Its distinctive appearance and tendency toward road trips could easily reinvigorate a gas-conscious travel industry.


The Ford C-Max

The C-Max, sometimes branded as the C-Max Energi, is Ford’s first plug-in electric vehicle. Designed to compete head-to-head with Chevy’s Volt and Toyota’s plug-in Prius, the C-Max gets a stunning 500 miles of range and offers a small fuel tank for added peace of mind while on longer trips. The car’s design is fresh, too, as an added bonus for first-time buyers.

Great Promise for Electric Driving

The three models mentioned here are only the beginning for an industry that is moving firmly toward electric vehicles and high-range motors. With competition among American, Asian, and European car companies, as well as competition from startups, things only look to get better from here.