A Blueprint for Building a Lasting Culture of Sustainability

sustainabilityIn the fight for a more sustainable world, many companies have found that they simply lack the tools needed to convey the importance of building a long-lasting culture of sustainability, environmental accountability, and eco-friendly goal achieving. This doesn’t need to be as difficult as many corporate managers make it sound, however. There are actually a few key ways to build a long-lasting culture of sustainability that values environmental goals in a big way.

  1. Elevate the Status of Sustainability
    All too often, sustainability projects within most businesses are presented as a side project or a niche interest. This makes them seem less urgent, less serious, and less worthy of hard work. By presenting sustainability programs as hugely important, just like all other business initiatives, their prosecution will be taken more seriously and a long-lasting values shift can be enacted within an organization of any size.
  2. Encourage Regional Competition
    Companies with multiple regional offices should consider letting each branch come up with their own sustainability initiatives and programs, sort of as a competition to see which arm of the company can best implement a sustainable culture. Then, use the best initiatives and innovations from each branch in a comprehensive, long-term sustainability initiative.
  3. Allow Employees to Debate and Compete
    Innovation often arises out of the need to compete and win against a foe, and that’s why employees should be allowed to brainstorm their own ideas and implement them in some fashion within the business. Turn it into a competition and watch as the ideas spark, become more numerous, and lead to critical, eco-friendly thinking in the long-term.

Sustainability is Serious Business

With competition, free range of ideas, and a culture that values sustainability as a main tenet of business, it’s easy to create a lasting culture of eco-friendly thinking and sustainable operation.

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